Monday, September 18, 2017

Learning all about "Self Control" during the Marshmallow Challenge

Our Grade 2 students discovered the definition and challenges of this month's “Fruit of the Holy Spirit”… self-control.
One marshmallow was placed in front of each student during our independent reading period. The students were given the choice to either eat the marshmallow at their leisure or wait 15 minutes and keep the marshmallow completely intact to receive an additional marshmallow and enjoy eating both!
Some students studied, handled, picked at and nibbled the marshmallow. Just less than half the students were able to exercise sufficient self-control to be rewarded with a second marshmallow!

The marshmallow activity sparked an excellent class discussion on the factors relating to self-control and how we can demonstrate it in our school, at home and in our community.

Below is the original video of the "experiment" conducted with young children. The Grade 2 students watched this video following our challenge. Some students were able to relate to these children and they all enjoyed watching different reactions to the challenge!

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